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This game features 5 levels, with 3 unique enemies.  

Controls WASD, Shift to sprint.

The Samurai will charge you after a period of time in the room.  Ninjas will throw throwing stars at you and Advanced ninjas will throw and move around.  This game does not allow you to hurt your enemies, but they can hurt themselves so you must be a ninja and dodge them.

The samurai can charge into walls and take damage, the ninjas can hit their own throwing stars.  

This is a small and limited game made for the Mini Jam 29, whose theme was Ninjas and limitation was no combat. This is my first Java game.

The following art is used under CC0 license:
Ninja Adventure Free Sprite on Open Game Art by pzUH
Shuriken Throwing Star on Max Pixel", 100, 200);
Ninja [Animated] on Open Game Art by DezrasDragons", 100, 250);

The following art is used under CC-BY3.0 license:", 200, 300);
Twelve more characters by Antifarea on Open Game Art
Art by Charles Gabriel. Commissioned by OpenGameArt.org (http://opengameart.org)

Install instructions

This is a executable jar file, you should be good to go off the bat.


Pacifist Ninja.jar 99 kB

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