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Fairly simple game, single screen RPG meant to be played in Browser.

I wanted to leave the controls fairly ambiguous but if you are having difficulties with the game, read on. Each Red Block are mini-bosses that increase your Attack. You take damage from hitting them but you regain HP every few seconds.Each Green Block adds consitution or Hitpoints. Same rules as the Damage.

Pro Tip: The full opacity ones are the suggested targets, half opacity are targetable but not recommended, and one fifth opacity are dead.'

Red: Attack increasing Miniboss

Green: HP increasing Minibosses

Gold: Level Increasing Minibosses.

I had fun making this game, but I'm sad to say I couldn't put more time into, I would have love to have it procedural generated and go up to level 15. If you want to take a peak at the source code just leave a comment, but it's a bit messy and a bit of a hack, which reminds me of a quote, "If you ever think your code is a hack-job, then remember a CPU is just a rock we tricked into thinking and stuck lightning inside."


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I liked the game mechanics of having three types of enemies and enemies closer to you being brighter. But the game is really hard to understand even after reading the instructions.

I wish this was procedurally generated for extensive gameplay! Also, love the soundtrack, did you write it?


I did not, you can find it at http://tabletopaudio.com/ (River Town) as mentioned in the upper right. Yeah I understand the game is difficult to grasp because of how I built it, if you do have any questions about how to play, feel free to ask

I agree -- procedurally generating boards would be really interesting here.

While I don't think I will be able to finish in time for the deadline of the competition I will be looking into procedural generation for this game when I'm free.

Nice! I think that's what jams are all about -- getting the seed of an idea to work on later. :D